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Meet Our Team

Meet Our Team TNT Professional Services, Financial Planning

Jonellie Rivera

Jonellie Rivera is our Office administrator and Claims Support Specialist who is an eager Sales Associate with a proven history of a strong work ethic in both the Retail field and in her role as a personal banker. Jonellie is a Bilingual Associate eager to help her community with financial literacy and how we can all succeed financially as a whole. English Literature major currently at community college of Philadelphia and after completion of her Associates degree will pursue a Bachelor of Arts in English literature at Penn State University minoring in Law.

Meet Our Team TNT Professional Services, Financial Planning

Malik Abdulhadi

Malik Abdulhadi is the Human Resources Manager at TNT Professional Services. A native of Philadelphia, Malik intends to help give back to his hometown by diversifying his brand and using connectivity and some non-traditional and or unorthodox methods to bring like minded people together to achieve specific goals. A bachelor of arts Graduate of Indiana University of Pennsylvania with a degree in Journalism and Public Relations including a track in hospitality management, Malik excelled in consultations, negotiations and staff development within the upstart of a small business structure. “The goal is to inspire service in the public’s interest while maintaining healthy business practices to support said service.”

Meet Our Team TNT Professional Services, Financial Planning

Monique Quattlebaum

Monique Quattlebaum is the Office Support Specialist who handles all correspondence with clients as well. Monique has been with the company since the outset and has intricate knowledge of all Office Administrative needs.

Meet Our Team TNT Professional Services, Financial Planning

Deborah Yassen

Debra Yassen is a Highly Accomplished Accounting Professional with 15 years' experience who makes sound financial decisions to continually reflect positively on our business operations in alignment with our company’s vision, value, and goals. As the company’s Corporate Controller, she takes the lead in companywide financial accounting initiatives, including compiling monthly reports (i.e. unpaid vendors, audit trails, profit / loss statements), preparing daily income / sales, journal entries, and sales reports also managing returned checks, chargeback accounts and overseeing monthly balance sheet schedule production. Debra is Proactively consulted among staff on non-routine reporting transactions. As our in-house Accounting professional Debra is tasked with analyzing department accounting system and maintaining our current accounting system and installing periodic upgrades to meet increased revenue projections and general operational expenses.

Meet Our Team TNT Professional Services, Financial Planning

Unique Cross

Unique Cross is our Office Manager and also serves as Billing Specialist with more than 10 years' experience managing Billing processes most often for insurance companies and medical facilities. She manages medical billing for patients, maintains updated patient information, generates invoices and processes all payments. Her work as a Licensed Health Insurance Agent makes her uniquely qualified as the Claims Specialist as well. Unique lends her personal knowledge in this field to help with her responsibilities that include processing claims, negotiating settlements, verifying insurance coverage, and reviewing insurance cases.

As our on-staff Marketing Specialist for TNT Tax Professionals Unique is routinely distributing promotional material, responding to customers' queries and comments on social media and networking to connect our business during marketing events. Unique has a background in Public Relations which enables her to be our brand's voice to impress our customers and attract new clients.

Meet Our Team TNT Professional Services, Financial Planning

Latisha Dudley

Latisha Dudley is an experienced Tax Preparer with 10 years in the industry. Her experience encompasses not just personal and business taxes, but she has established herself as a leading Financial Services Provider. Latisha has 5 years with bookkeeping experience and as your Financial Services Provider one of the services she offers is that she monitors a Client’s indebtedness at the portfolio level and the market level on a periodic basis. A Financial Service Provider must ensure adequate mechanisms are in place to detect and combat fraud, corruption, and/or aggressive or abusive treatment by their staff, and Third-Party Providers, particularly during the sales and debt collection processes. As a part of this service she does provide credit repair and credit monitoring along with credit counseling of which she has 3 years' experience with proven results. A Financial Service Provider must treat Clients with high ethical standards and with honesty, fairness and respect that is what you will find when you conduct business with her. Latisha founded TNT Tax and started to expand and since then is always looking to improve and build her repertoire through Continuing Education.

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